The ship is divided into 5 segments(planes) numbered from 0 to 4. Number 0 is the rightmost one. Each plane has 16 floors(levels) numbered from 0 to 15. Level 0 is the upmost one. To move between floors(levels) you use the green teleport pads. They move you one level up or down. If you can see a teleport right above/below it, then you'll propably end up there. To teleport - stand in the middle of the green pad and pull down on the stick. You have to stand in the very middle (or a little to the left) of the pad, or else you'll enter the control panel. Do like this:

+ stick down =

To move between planes, there are transporters to the neighbouring planes. To move left=inwards(to a plane with higher number), use the yellow door . Move right=outwards(to a plane with lower number), using the red door . Use the control panel to locate these doors. Press the position button and then 1 to show the position of the outward door, or 2 for the inward door.

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