In each plane, there are two laboratories. There's a computer in each lab. In one of the computers on a plane, there is a fifth of the formula of the red dust. To be able to make the red dust, you need all 5 parts of the formula. When you have them all, use the data recall on your control panel to show it, add the numbers together, convert them into base 6 with the table below and enter the calculated number into the computer in the air plant. Here's how to get a part of the formula:

Locate a lab.

Open the doors and enter it. Stand in front of the computer and use the computer link function on your control panel.

If there was a part of the formula in the computer in it, this is shown on the display:

If this was the wrong lab, this will be shown instead:

Table for converting between base 10 and base 6:
Decimal   Base 6
-------   ------
      0        0
      1        1
      2        2
      3        3
      4	       4
      5	       5
      6       10
      7	      11
      8	      12
      9	      13
     10	      14
     11	      15
     12       20
     13       21
     14       22
and so on...
An example: Suppose you have collected the entire formula, and it reads 0 5 0 3 1 (in visitor digits). The sum is 0+5+0+3+1=9, which is then converted to 13 using the table above. Then the visitor digits 1 and 3 should be entered into the computer in the air plant.
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