The control panel...

Let's give the buttons some meaning. Let's say that the control panel button are like this:

A  B    0  1
C  D    2  3
E  F    4  5
Buttons 0-5 are the lizards' representation of the digits 0-5. The other buttons have the following use:

A: Bomb
Drops a bomb.
B: Position.
Press this button, then any button 0-5 to get the position of important objects in this part of the ship. Button 0 shows your current position, 1 shows the outward door, 2 shows the inward door, 3 shows Laboratory #1, 4 shows Laboratory #2 and 5 shows the target to bomb.
C: Data Link
While standing in front of a computer, this button will let you communicate with the computer(doesn't apply to the computers in the corridors).
D: Data Recall
Press this button, then any button 0-3 to get a schematic drawing of the four different robots. Button 4 shows as much of the red dust formula as you have collected.
E: Security Codes
Displays a 6-digit code, which you must alter to make all digits equal in order to open doors.
F: Movement
Press this button to exit the control panel and return to movement mode.

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