To open doors - you must crack the lizards security codes. In the control panel, press the button at the bottom left: . The display shows a 6-digit code. By changing this code to contain only one kind of digits, the doors will open for a few seconds. The rest of this page will tell you how to make the numbers equal.

The lizards use a base-6 system and have other representation of the numbers:

The different numbers on the control panel rotates the numbers in the code according to this scheme: (x denotes a rotation, - means no rotation)
0: x----x
1: -x-x-x
2: -x---x
3: x---x-
4: x--x--
5: -xx---

You can either press randomly on the different buttons and hope you'll get lucky, or you can use my "algorithm" :) I have chosen to make every number a lizard 2 = .

First, use buttons 0, 1 and 2 to make the 5th, 4th and 3rd number a lizard 2. Then use buttons 0 and 2 to make the 1st and 2nd number correct. By now, the first five numbers should be a lizard 2. Look at the 6th number. If it is also a lizard 2, then return to movement mode and pass the door. It it isn't - press button 2 the following number of times:

1 if the 6th number is a  (=1)
2 if the 6th number is a  (=0)
3 if the 6th number is a  (=3)
Start the algorithm over again. This time it should make all numbers equal.
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