Changelog for SIDPLAY/Windows

November 7 2002:

 * Bugfix release
 * SIDPLAY/Windows is no longer in development, but a bug
 * came up that I just felt like fixing. At the same time
 * I updated some libraries used in SIDPLAY/Windows.

* HardSID - now handles tunes with play=0 and IRQ address
  determined by $fffe/ff.

* libsidplay updated to version 1.36.57

* ReSID updated to version 0.13

* STIL View updated to version 2.17

May 3 2001:

 * Bugfix release

* STIL View 2.14 - Fixes subtune entry display bug,
  introduced in 2.12, and handles an empty BUGlist.txt

+ Files can be dropped into the playlist windows
  (from Windows Explorer, or from Gamebase64 v2.0)

* HardSID - sid chip is more thoroughly reset between tunes

* HardSID - When the "Use filter" checkbox in the filter
  adjustment dialog is cleared, the SID filter is disabled.

* The File|Properties dialog now shows the load range,
  not just the load address.

January 1 2001:

 * Bugfix release, with the requested HardSID voice muting

* reSID 0.10 - The sum of the filter outputs is no longer weighted

* STILView 2.12 - minor bugfix with entries having # in them

* libsidplay 1.36.42 - Galway Noise improved, and new implementation
  of illegal opcode $AB. Fixed a bug in the DigiScan-preprocessing

* Case-insensitive reading of playlists, helps manually edited lists

* Fixed crash when STIL wasn't found

* No longer shows tune-global STIL entries twice for the "show all sub-tunes" option

* In the Edit playlist dialog, playing times are displayed as mm:ss

* In the window title bar, a  title is replaced by the filename

* Fixed crash with Sidplayer files and "Author: Title" window title

+ Added muting of sid voices with HardSID.

+ Added option to save playlists in the old format

April 10 2000:

 * Major release - HardSID & samples, new playlist format

+ Sample support with HardSID. Much thanks to Rainer Sinsch
  for the code and ideas. Not all tunes sound perfect just
  yet, though.

* New playlist format:
  . Handles files over 64k
  . Saves more info, so loading huge playlists is faster

+ Recursive adding of subdirectories now supported

* In the list view, a  title is replaced by the filename

* STIL v2.10 class

December 5 1999:

 * Minor release - HardSID fixes

* HardSID fixed timing. Fast-timed tunes, like 
  /Joseph/Richard/Rimrunner.sid, and those which change CIA
  timer at every play call, like /VARIOUS/A-F/AMJ/Blasphemy.sid,
  now play correctly.

* HardSID: all registers are cleared at stop.

* HardSID: fixed time update with ffwd

* c64 routine is now a bit more stable.

* added option to convert the slashes in the filename copied to the clipboard

October 10 1999:

 * Minor release - HardSID bug fixes, reSID oversampling

* fixed HardSID ffwd. It was inverted; 4x was in fact 1/4 speed :)

* fixed multi-speed sid playing with HardSID that was broken
  in the last release (oops)

+ added oversampling with the reSID engine (8 and 16-but mono)
  16-bit and 4x oversampling or more is highly recommended,
  but beware, oversampling uses a lot of CPU!
  Try the start of /Tel_Jeroen/Robocop_3.sid, or
  /Beben_Wally/Tetris.sid at 0:17 to hear the difference.
  (Thanks to Andreas Varga for the oversampling code!)

October 3 1999:

 * Major release - sidstation, fadeout, fixes

* reSID engine updated to 0.8. The only effective change is that Voice 
  is only silenced by the voice3off setting if it is not routed through
  the filter.

+ support for the sidstation (

+ copy filename path to clipboard (Ctrl-C)

+ support for fadeout in playlists

* default time behaviour in playlist changed - the entered default playtime
  now affects all entries without a specified playtime.

* disabled stereo mode at startup when reSID engine is used

* mutes the HardSID when stop is pressed

* HardSID ffwd support

* Fixed a bug in the Save as Wav progress meter.

June 27 1999:

 * Major release - reSID, emulation fixes, output devices

Changes in the emulation engine (1.36.29 to 1.36.35):

* New C64 player code for MUS file format fixes non-working MUS files.
  New player is "Compute's Basic Sidplayer" by Craig Chamberlain.

* Random number generator fixed.

* Don't allow SID to disable voice 3 if it has filters enabled.

* Improved emulation of Galway Noise based on PlaySID's
  Extended SID registers.

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

+ Added the reSID emulation engine (v 0.7). Select between
  the two engines in Settings|Emulaton.

+ Support for playing sids on a real C64 connected with a
  PC64 cable, and for playing sids on the HardSID card.

+ SIDPLAY can now run without a soundcard installed in the

+ Added Cancel buttons to the following Settings dialogs:
  Emulation, Directory UI, Device.

* Made the save & restore of the main volume setting optional.

* Made it optional to display the author and title of the current
  sid, instead of the filename, in the window title.

* Made the use of hotkeys optional.

October 30 1998:

 * Minor release - emulation fix

Changes in the emulation engine (1.36.25 to 1.36.29):

* Adapted some MOS-6581 read-out combined waveforms from reSID.

August 7 1998:

 * Minor release - single bug fixe

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

* The mixer toggle (on/off) was not properly set from the mixer
  window in the previous two versions. Fixed.

August 6 1998:

 * Minor release - bug fixes

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

* The filter toggle (on/off) was not properly set from the filter
  window in the previous version. Fixed.

* Fixed case where a sid added to the playlist sometimes had
  subsong 1 instead of the default one.

August 4 1998:

 * Major release - STIL View, emulation fixes

Changes in the emulation engine (1.36.10 to 1.36.25):

* Band-pass test.

+ Fixed PP-support against segmentation faults in case of
  damaged compressed data.

+ Perform ``4th-channel'' DigiScans also for second digi channel.

* Replaced the heavily detuned combined waveform $50 and dropped support for
  the very old combined waveforms.

+ Added emulation of SID feature ``silent voice 3''. Better late than never.

* Made essential filter calculations fully dependent from output frequency.

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

+ Added a STIL View, to show info from STIL.txt and BUGlist.txt in the
  High Voltage SID Collection. Configurable from the new Settings|HVSC
  dialog. Uses STIL View v2.12 by LaLa. Please read STIL.faq in the HVSC
  if you have any questions regarding the STIL entries.

* Fixed the default file filter for the playlist edit window to
  conform with the rest of the program.

February 10:

Changes in the emulation engine (1.35 to 1.36.10):

* Waveform $60 is audible on a MOS-6581 as well.

* Made speed of auto-panning independent from fast sidtune speed. However
  it was not worth the effort to do the same for slow sidtune speed.

* Band-pass and high-pass filter reconfigured. Band-pass filter is not yet

* Minor fix to the SID filter cut-off frequency value.
  Take three least significant bits instead of eight.

* Minor fix to the noise waveform. Now it is also correct for very high noise
  frequencies as well as low soundcard frequencies.

* Finalized synchronization click fix from v1.32 (e.g. R1D1.sid).

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

- Dropping support for the win32s version. New versions will
  require Windows 95 or later, or Windows NT 4.0 or later.

+ Added shortcut keys for playspeed - Alt+1 for x1 speed,
  Alt+2 for x2 speed and Alt+4 for x4 speed.

* Changed Michael's e-mail address in the About box.

- Removed the auto panning radio button in the mixer dialog.

- Removed my old icons from the program.

+ Added small icon by Jonathan Hunt for the title bar.

* Changed compiler, resulting in faster but larger code.

October 16:

 * Minor release - emulation bug fixes and enhancements

Changes in the emulation engine (1.34 to 1.35):

* Emergency release: Experimental envelope emulation changes in the 1.31
  version have broken sidtunes. Since emulation emphasis is put on older
  sidtunes, the changes have been cancelled.

+ Added an alternative combined waveform (-> MOS-6581).

* Fixed digi bug: Galway-Noise sample period interfered with normal samples.

* Fixed sample frequency-shifting register $D45D.

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

* The playtime edit box now also accepts time given in MM:SS format.
  Basically any separator, like ':', '.', etc. are accepted.

October 1:

 * Major release - new emulation engine, bugfixes and
 *     adjustments for the High Voltage SID Collection v2.0

Changes in the emulation engine (1.32.1 to 1.34):

+ Second digi channel (real samples only) at $D51D upwards.

* Fixed high/low sample-order bug.

* Changed filter type 7

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

* Possibly fixed the bug where SIDPLAY would sometimes skip over files
  in a playlist. I could not reproduce this behavious myself, so please
  report any changes (or lack of).

* Made the song selection bar adjust the song no 1 step, regardless
  of whether the click is on the arrow or next to the slider.

* Changed font in the Directory UI window and removed the Close button.

* If the Directory UI window is higher than it is wide, the listbox will
  only show a single column with a vertical scrollbar(if needed). If
  it's wider than high, multiple columns will be shown with a horizontal
  scrollbar(if needed).

* Made SIDPLAY (once again) use the Settings-Extensions values as well as
  the built-in ones when loading two-part sidtunes.

* Added 3 new icons by Kris/Clique

* The File|Open dialog now remembers the previously selected file type.

* Made the conversion dialog handle long filenames.

* Made the playlist dialog handle long filenames.

* Changed all default filters and file extension for PSID files.

June 18:

 * Minor release - new emulation engine, bugfixes

Changes in the emulation engine (1.31-beta to 1.32.1):

* Minor quality fix on digi emulation in high/low order.

* Sync+Ring click fix.

+ Implemented readable SID + operator 3 (frame based).

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

* Disabled the panning option in surround mode, as it only diminished
  the surround effect. Surround mode should now work as intended.

* Fixed the bug where the song number would sometimes be incorrect if
  the slider was moved around, but released on the same subsong.

+ Added the option to specify a base directory in the playlist, so that
  all filenames of the entries will be interpreted at relative paths
  from this base directory. Only reading of this format is supported, if
  the playlist is later saved, the entries will have full path names as
  usual. Only useful for those who edit their playlists by hand.
  The full filename will be composed by simply adding the Filename string
  of each entry to the BaseDir string.
  An example:
    [SIDPLAY/Windows Playlist]

+ Added a commandline option: -i, which opens a new instance of
  SIDPLAY, even if another instance is already running.

+ Added the option to NOT remember the conversion source and destination
  directories, but to function like before that feature was introduced.
  Add to the [CONVERSION] section of your SIDPLAYW.INI file:
  if you liked it the way it was before. Not adjustable from within the

June 1:

 * Minor release - new emulation engine, bugfixes

Changes in the emulation engine (1.30-pl6 to 1.31-beta):

+ Implementation of short temporary attack in ADSR volume envelope. Under
  normal circumstances this would *require* a precise cycle-based 6510- and
  ADSR-emulation. (e.g. drax/jsschrst.dat)

+ Smarter locking/unlocking of noise waveform.

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

* Fixed the lack of initialization after emulation settings had changed.

* Fixed the HQ mixing mode that was messed up in the last version

* Made the song selection scrollbar a whole lot longer

May 27:
 * Minor release - new emulation engine, long filenames and
 *                 some playlist fixes.

Changes in the emulation engine (1.26.1 to 1.30-pl6):

+ Most wanted feature: SID chip clock speed now can be set to either PAL or NTSC.
  This affects the pitch but not the song speed unless "force song speed" is
  chosen, which will force the C64 clock to be equal to the SID clock, setting
  any PAL song to NTSC and vice versa. NTSC users now can listen to sids with the
  intended song speed (the one preset for each sidtune), but the sound of an NTSC
  SID chip.

+ Improved dynamic ADSR envelope emulation. A few sidtunes were dropping notes
  since v1.27. If some still do, they are most likely bad rips, like the one
  already found. Check the next HVSC update (v1.5) for working ones.

+ New measured volume mode (default, but experimental). Replaces previous
  "measured master volume" mode.

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

+ Support for long filenames in the Directory UI. Made it configurable, so
  one can choose long or short filenames with lower, upper or mixed case.
  The order of files, directories and drives is also selectable.

+ The source and destination directories of the conversion dialog is
  now preserved between conversions.

+ A playlist (*.SPL) can now be supplied on the commandline, dropped on the
  main window, or opened in File|Open. The list will be loaded and the first
  entry will start playing.

* The bug allowing autopanning in mono mode is fixed.

* When a playlist is loaded or created, the first entry is no longer selected.
  In normal mode, pressing Next will go to the first entry and Prev to the last.
  In random mode, a random tune will be played when Next is pressed.

* Bug fixed where a playlist with bad entries would cause a crash when loaded.

April 24:
 * Minor release - bugfix and new features in emulation
 * engine + a few minor interface changes

Changes in the emulation engine (1.26.1 to 1.27.3):

* Fixed amplification bug which was introduced in the 1.26 engines !!!

+ ADSR-envelope improved/fixed.

+ Non-clipping 25% amplification for three-voice-only (no digis) sidtunes.

+ Implemented trivial "little-endian"-specific speed optimizations (e.g. Intel !).

+ Implemented Stereo Surround and experimental auto-panning.

* Changed behaviour in case of dynamic SID filter-type changes.

+ Sidtune loader now fetches valid sidtune file name extensions from a list
  and consecutively builds each full file name and tries to load the file
  until it detects one of a pair of files to be in a sidtune format.
  Default file name extensions:
  .sid .dat .inf '' .data .info .DAT .INF .c64 .prg

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

* Changed default frequency to 22050 Hz

* Removed "SIDPLAY" from all but the main window titles.
  Renamed filter window to "SID filter", some believed that the
  SID filter was not emulated, but an external filter added on.

+ Added controls for Stereo Surround mode and the auto-panning

+ Added SID listening odometer. Look in the about dialog.

+ Added support for the Return key in the Playlist Edit dialog

April 3:
 * Minor release - emulation engine updated + a few changes

Changes in the emulation engine (1.25.2 to 1.26.1):

+ Implemented noise table optimization.

* Fixed stereo mixing bug.

* Changed amplification if SID filter emulation is off.

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

+ Added checkboxes to the Emulation settings dialog for the
  MOS-8580 waveforms and measured ADSR master volume. Both are checked
  by default (in the previous version they were not properly set).

* Changed order in the windows title from "SIDPLAY - title"
  to "file - SIDPLAY" by request and to conform with the
  Windows 95 standard.

March 17:
 * Minor release - emulation engine updated + a few bugfixes

Changes in the emulation engine (1.22.2 to 1.25.2):

+ Put ADSR volume envelope in front of filter. Just like the real SID.
  Therefore had to change the internal mixing a lot. Now much shorter,
  but not noticably faster (on Linux) :(  Includes corrections of clicks.

+ Improved the SID emulator's behaviour upon changing the operator frequency
  and waveform. Sounds much smoother now in special cases.

+ Now using measured ADSR envelope master volume levels by default.

+ Removed clicks related to the SID's TEST bit.

+ Replaced the combined waveforms with better tables, which were recorded
  from a MOS-8580 R5 and contributed by Dennis "Deadman" Lindroos.
  Made the usage of these waveforms configurable. Enabled by default.
  Because the rest of the SID-emulation still is a MOS-6581 the name of a
  checkbox should be: "MOS-8580 waveforms"

* Noise waveform fixed for soundcard frequencies around 22.05 kHz.

* Small internal changes: Sample sign changed, filter amplification changed,
  some clicks removed, init/reset changed.

+ Added temporary code to return random values upon reading D011/12, DC04/05.

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

* Made the playlist window resizeable

* Fixed update of list marker when stepping back in the list

* Fixed bug where first playlist entry would lose it's settings
  when another entry was deleted

* Restored the white background of the DIR UI window in the win32s version.

* Made use of Mixer API more tolerant for older soundcards.

* Removed the PlaySID mode reminder box, due to several requests. Please
  note, however, that you should never have to use this mode if you have
  the latest High Voltage SID Collection! Read the docs on the SIDPLAY
  homepage for an explanation of what these modes really mean. 

February 11:
 * Minor release - temporary bugfix

* The problem where SIDPLAY crashed when playing some tunes in
  full bank-switching mode has temporarily been fixed by using
  another compiler.

February 10:
 * Major release - emulation improvements and playlist(beta)

Changes in the emulation engine (1.21.5 to 1.22.2):

+ Optional full bank-switching support. Special thanks to Wilfred Bos for
  reminding me of the true $01-behaviour. In previous versions the
  bank-switching was only partially implemented.

+ Due to compatibility concerns the extra "transparent ROM" mode was added.
  If this mode is enabled, the Basic/Kernal-ROM address space is transparent
  to load/store instructions. Still, Kernal-jumps are intercepted by checking
  the bank-select register whether Kernal=ON. Accessing the RAM under the I/O
  area requires the usage of fully valid bank-select values, too.
  This should be the default.

+ New and improved INFO file support based on Peter Kunath's source code
  example. This one checks a constant Magic Number and Version Number and
  correctly parses the file up to possible tooltype strings. This code
  does not require the default tool to serve as a constant Id by containing

* Improved the MUS file support to not turn mad in case of corrupt files.
  The parser was able to run into a deadlock.

* Fixed the speed of the virtual fourth digi channel in case of SPEED=1.
  By accident it was processing samples at NTSC clock speed, but should have
  been PAL clock speed. Thanks to Dennis Lindroos for reporting this bug.

* Changed the NTSC-speed mode to a prefered behaviour:
     50 Hz VBI (PAL)      =>  60 Hz VBI (NTSC)
     CIA 1 Timer A (PAL)  =>  CIA 1 Timer A (NTSC)

* Changes in the digi emulation to simulate PlaySID's behaviour
  in a special case.

+ Implemented Asger Alstrup Nielsen's noise algorithm. Removed the old
  white-noise frequency-shifting approach. Takes more CPU power for sidtunes
  that use the noise waveform very much !

Changes in the Windows port / user interface:

+ Playlist implemented.

* Subsong selection now with a scrollbar. Drag the scroll box to the selected
  subsong and release to start playing or press the arrow keys for the same behaviour
  as the plus and minus buttons in the last version.

* Removed minimizing capabilities of dirui and filter window

* Changed/added some hotkeys: Alt+Up and Alt+Down is now next/previous subsong,
  Alt+Left and Alt+Right is now next/previous list entry

+ Added global hotkeys (i.e. works even when another program is in the foreground):
  The Control+Alt+arrow keys globally has the same function as Alt+arrow keys has
  when SIDPLAY/Windows is in the foreground.

* Fixed the volume restoring upon exit.

* Fixed a bug in the (unreleased :) Win95 version where the filter values would
 change slightly from time to time.

January 8:
 * New this time is the Windows 95 version.

v1.21.5 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which
fixes a few problems and uses a little less CPU.

Fixed crash when the number of buffers was changed during play.

Now maintains the user-selected frequency value even when not used.

Added delete file option in the directory window. Simply press delete
(you'll be asked for confirmation before the file is deleted).

The Directory window now keeps focus when you switch between musplayer and
ordinary files (which makes the main window resize).

Upon exiting, the main volume is now restored to the level it was when
SIDPLAY/Windows was started.

Windows 95 version has the following differences from the old one:
* Multithreaded playback. The thread that handles the actual playing has a
  little higher priority which should fix some glitches.
* The main volume control updates itself if another program changes the wave
  volume. The mixer API is used. Please report troubles with the volume control!
* Faster. It's compiled using a compiler that produces faster code.

November 3:

v1.19.18.1 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which
fixes a few emulation bugs.

Fixed bug where the main volume wouldn't get set until the mixer was opened

Minor bug fixes.

October 4:

 * Due to the very limited time I have this fall, no big changes has been
 * made. The emulation engine update makes this release worthwhile though.

v1.19.16 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which
has the following changes from the 1.17.3 version:

* Rewrote the support for some file formats. Now are supposed to be safe
	against any access violations and segmentation faults.

* Fixed ``fast forward'' replay. This didn't work with tunes which wrote values
	to the CIA timer. The fast-forward immediately jumped back to normal mode.

* Changed the triangle-pulse waveform combination.

+ Adjustable volume envelope processing frequency. Might decrease the
	envelope quality for very low frequencies, but could gain a few more
	percent of less cpu usage.
(SIDPLAY/Windows: Currently not used)

+ Added 6510-emulation support for the illegal instructions part 3.
	The implementation is considered to be only partially working due to
	inconsistencies in the available documentation.
	(Fixes Anthony Crowther's ``Beverly Hills Cop'' !)

+ In search for speed ... small optimizations.
(SIDPLAY/Windows: only the 32-bit version benefits from these optimizations)

Added a Save as option. Now you can save the current sid file as a
PlaySID, SID info or C64 data file as well as WAV.

Added the Settings|Extensions dialog to allow the default file extensions to
be modified. One could for example have all PlaySID files named .PSD instead
of .dat.

Added a check for available diskspace before saving WAV file.

Widened the main window a bit.

September 5:

Fixed the bug introduced in the September 3 version, where the mixer
settings sometimes wasn't saved properly.

September 3:

 * No great new features this time, just some bugfixes and usability
 * improvements.

Changed info box list order to load, init, play and fixed mix-up of init
and play addresses.

Added a cancel button to the save as wav progression dialog box.

Removed the Exit button from the main window and made it more compact.

Restructured the menu.

Disabled the main window controls and some menu items when no file is loaded.

Fixed bug where SIDPLAY couldn't be restored from the task bar if it had been
closed during minimized state.

Added saving of filter and mixer window positions to the SIDPLAYW.INI file.

Added saving of main volume to the SIDPLAYW.INI file.

Added keeping track of which windows that were open when the program was
closed, and opening them the next time it is run.

If you try to start SIDPLAY when another instance is running, it will
switch to the running SIDPLAY, and if a tune was given on the command line,
start playing it.

Removed all command line options except for filename and song number.

August 5:

 * Huge filter-emulation improvements and a nice mixer-window.

v1.17.3 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which
has major improvements of the filter emulation.

New mixer window, a single one instead of the previous mess.

Filter window for controlling some parameters of the adjustable filter.
Also nice little graph to look at :)

Moved the mixing mode control to the mixer window and the filter emulation
toggle to the filter control window.

Save to Wav progression dialog

July 10:
 * Some bugfixes from Michael. Again released because I wanted to have
 * the latest possible version on the 2nd High Voltage C64 CD-ROM.

v1.15.4 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which has
* fixed sample emulation reset
* fixed problems when info strings in .sid files were over 31 characters long

July 7:
 * No major changes, only a few bugfixes. Released because I wanted to have
 * the latest possible version on the 2nd High Voltage C64 CD-ROM...

v1.15.3 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which
fixes a sample resetting bug.

Changed the shortcut keys to not clash with the Windows standard
(for instance, Ctrl+S is for save and Ctrl+P is printing). Now all shortcuts
have the Alt prefix. For File|Open, both Alt+O and Ctrl+O will do the job.

Fixed bug where you might end up in a totally different dir in the
directory window if you've opened a file with File|Open in between.

Fixed handling of filenames on the command line in Windows 95. Long
filenames work as well.

June 30:

v1.15.2 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which has
* fixed major bugs in the 6510-interpreter
* fixed some clicks and the notch filter
+ switchable filter emulation
+ internal changes, which makes the next feature possible

The music no longer stops when the conversion dialog is opened

Added "Delete source file" checkbox in the conversion dialog, which causes
the source file to be deleted after a successful conversion, if checked.
Be careful with this one! Keep a backup copy around.

Added option to convert to sid+dat files in one pass, instead of having to
convert to sid files first, then dat files.

Changed the "Files to convert" default radiobutton to "selected"

Fixed display of the ampersand character (&) in song titles, etc

Added option in the emulation dialog for the filter emulation

Changed the relation between the directory window and the main window;
they now show as a common entry in the Alt+Tab list, but the directory window
is always on top of the main window. I think this is better than before, but
please tell me which way you prefer!

Added more support for keys in the Conversion and Dir-based UI
directory listboxes. Pressing backspace will take you up one directory,
like double-clicking [..], pressing enter will "double-click" the current

June 16:

Added saving of mixing mode and settings

Fixed wrong volume level at startup

New icon, thanks to Jonathan Hunt's artistic skills

File conversion dialog added. Use this one to convert whole directories
of sid files to chosen format. For example, suppose you've got a dir full
of sid files in DAT+SID format. Use the filter to show all *.dat files,
set destination directory to the same as the source, convert all files
with the overwrite option, making the PSID files (.dat) overwrite the old
.dat files, remove all .sid files and you've replaced all DAT+SID files
with a corresponding DAT file in PSID format. Be a little careful with
the overwriting though, make sure you have a backup if something goes wrong.

June 10:

v1.14.4 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which has
- fixed the 64KB memory leak (again!)
- fixed the 16-bit mixing in the 16-bit version, finally.
- new and better synchronization
- added channel muting and stereo panning support
- added option to save audio data and/or info (not used in this version)

Fixed problem with iconizing the program

Removed the Maximize button and the resizeable border

Added saving of window position to the SIDPLAYW.INI file

New directory-oriented file selection added. Double-click on a file to
play it, on a directory or drive to change to it. Much like the DOS version.

Added a volume control. Pretty crude, but there usually comes a separate
mixer-program with the soundcard. This one fits the basic needs.

Added mixing mode option to the Emulation dialog.

Added two new menu items, Settings - Voices and Settings - Panning,
for controlling the voice volumes and panning.

Added more shortcut keys:
Ctrl+P     = Play/Pause
Ctrl+S     = Start/Stop playing
Alt+W      = Save as Wav
Alt+D      = Show/Hide the directory window
Ctrl+Left  = Previous subsong
Ctrl+Right = Next subsong
Ctrl+Up    = Toggle playspeed x2
Ctrl+Down  = Toggle playspeed x4

Plus a few minor fixes/improvements

May 26:

v1.13 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which has
- fixed a 64KB memory leak
- fixed the emulation of ring modulation to completely use a 2nd method
- real 4 to 8-bit sample conversion of "volume samples"
- added/ported the old linear envelope emulation from SIDPLAY/DOS 1.04b
- fixed some bugs in the 6510-interpreter
- fixed bug handling sid files with more than 10 songs

Decreased stack usage when saving to WAV file.

Fixed error when dropping a file onto Sidplayw when there's no file loaded.

The selected wave device is now properly saved.

The play settings dialog now disables certain selections if the selected
device cannot handle them.

Added an icon, to maybe fix the reported trouble with minimizing the program.
This icon is only temporary because of its ugliness :) Submissions welcome!

The improved PlaySID compatibility option now defaults to OFF.

Added shortcut keys for File-Open (Ctrl+O) and File-Exit (Alt+X).

The main window now shows all 5 description rows of Sidplayer files.

April 1:
 * A little less buggy version, but still worse than March 24...

Fixed the .SID file support.

Readded support for the force NTSC speed (-n) (lost in previous version).

Current song speed now shows in playing window.

File format now shown in info dialog.

Increased stack space should fix some strange bugs.

Fixed error with info dialog box with no open file.

May 5:

v1.10 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which
improves the envelope emulation.

Few minor fixes: About box now modal, the window title shows song name
instead of file name, default settings for first use.

May 2:

v1.9 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which
adds speed optimizations, fixes a bug and improves the emulation.
Also fixes the 16-bit mixing in the 16-bit version(almost).

April 8:
 * More changes in the emulation, a few fixes, and my being away for
 * some time after today rushed this beta to you.

v1.8.1.2 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which
features 16-bit mixing, variable playing speed, data file memory cache,
and some emulation fixes.

Fast forward play (x2 and x4) is now selectable. As in the DOS version of
SIDPLAY, there is a slight delay before the change in speed has an effect.
The smaller and fewer buffers selected, the shorter this delay will be.

When 16 bits per sample is chosen, 16-bit mixing is used, but the original
waveforms are still 8 bit. 16-bit mixing sounds strange in the 16-bit version
of SIDPLAY/Windows so those using that one should choose 8 bits per sample.

Emulation settings are now in a separate dialog box (instead of different
settings for WAV and play) which also includes the following two options.

The force NTSC speed option now available from within the program.

There is an option to cache the data file instead of reloading it each time
a tune is initialized (like previous versions did). This new option shortens
the time it takes when choosing another subsong within the same SID file,
especially on big and powerpacked SID files.

The program doesn't exit if an error occurs while loading a new file.

A playing song doesn't stop anymore when the "Settings"-"Device..." dialog
is opened.

April 3:
 * The last version was less buggy than I first thought, but a few small
 * changes and v1.7 of the emulation made this one...

v1.7 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated.
It adds better emulation and corrected handling of .SID and .INF files.

Saving as WAV and typing in a name without an extension adds .WAV to the typed

The Open and Save dialogs should now correctly default to the previous
directory used.

Prevents saving to WAV file without first having selected some WAV settings.

When trying to save as WAV without having loaded any SID file doesn't create
an empty file anymore.

The improved PlaySID flag now defaults to TRUE

March 31:
 * Released to get the new features out.
 * Should have bugtested a lot more before relasing, but a
 * beta is a beta :)

v1.6 of the emulation engine by Michael Schwendt incorporated, which means
better emulation BUT the added support for .SID and .INFO files doesn't
work reliably in this version.

Save to WAV file implemented with a separate settings dialog.
(Wow, both SIDPLAY and SID2WAV in one package! Two for the price of one.)

The "Info"-"Psidfile" and the "Settings"-"Device" dialogs
are now closeable from their system menus.

Different info dialogs for PSID and MUS files.

Drag-and-Drop implemented, plays only the first if the files dropped.

One can now start SIDPLAYW without opening a file first.

The improved Playsid compatibility option (-a) can now be changed from
the settings dialog.

Last modified: Thu Oct 16 18:26:20 MET DST 1997