In the game, there are invisible blocks in the air which, if you hit them, will take you a few levels ahead. I have pictures of all locations of warp blocks. The place where the invisible block is, is marked with yellow.
These screenshots show the location of the warp blocks: This is how you warp using the warp blocks.

There are also ways to warp to the next level. This cheat works everywhere on all levels except the last one(no 33), but not when you're below the ground in a bonus pit.

The level warp cheat in four different ways:

  1. Press and hold the following keys: Left Arrow+CTRL+RUN/STOP+Z+X.
  2. Hold down SHIFT(or press SHIFT/LOCK) while on the inactive joystick, press down-left and push the button.
  3. Press the keys A+R+M+I+N at once (for Armin Gessert). A+R+M+N or A+M+I+N will also do the trick.
  4. Press the keys M+A+N+R at once (for Manfred Trenz).
  5. Press the keys Z+X+A+W at once.

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